Selected Investment Profiles


Impact has built a replicable and scalable model for high impact investing benefiting low and moderate income communities. Specifically, investments target affordable multifamily housing, healthcare, childcare and community facilities, and growing small businesses. These investments meet insurance industry standards for safety and soundness.

Large Scale Commitments

To date, Impact has originated $1 billion of investments in underserved communities, including the Community Impact Loan program for multifamily affordable housing.

Affordable Housing

Impact has pioneered the securitization of community investments. By standardizing and pooling investments for insurers, Impact enables investment grade ratings for large portions of its investment pools.

Quality Childcare

Responding to increasing demands for quality childcare facilities and dwindling public and charitable revenues, Impact financed construction and expansion of childcare and preschool centers in California. The childcare investment takes advantage of a $40 million New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation Impact received in 2002.

Expanding Healthcare

Impact has also financed loans for qualifying primary healthcare facilities serving low and moderate income communities throughout the country. By leveraging NTMCs and other structuring attributes, loans provided to the underlying facilities are made at rates that are otherwise typically not available to the borrowers. Working closely with non-profit and foundation partners ensures success for investors and borrowers alike.

Workforce Housing

Impact committed true risk capital for the development of predominantly affordable for-sale infill housing located near job centers and transit hubs, which are “smart growth” opportunities to create housing for moderate income families and individuals.

Economic Development

Impact has made significant debt and equity investments to help expand small and medium sized businesses as well as in commercial real estate that create and support jobs in low and moderate income areas.