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In the 25 years since launching IMPACT Community Capital, we have built a track record of impact investing that we can be proud of.

We celebrate over $2.4B of investments in housing, healthcare, childcare and job creation. These investments have benefitted over 450,000 people, created 50,000 units of affordable housing and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for residents, all while delivering strong financial returns for our investors.

IMPACT was founded on the belief that private capital is required to solve issues like poverty, homelessness and inequality, and institutional investors can help be a driving force against these issues. Through continuous innovation since 1998, we have built a bridge between institutional capital and the communities where it is needed most. In doing so, we have demonstrated that impact investing can produce both financial returns and measurable impact at scale.

Join us as we share 25 moments over 25 years of IMPACT.