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Pioneering Impact Manager IMPACT Community Capital Celebrates 25 Years of Investments in American Communities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 23, 2023 — IMPACT Community Capital (“IMPACT”), is proudly celebrating its 25th anniversary during 2023, marking a quarter-century of innovative, institutional-quality investments that drive positive change in underinvested communities across the United States. Since its founding in 1998, IMPACT has directed more than $2.4 billion toward investments in housing, healthcare, childcare, and job creation – ultimately benefitting more than 400,000 people.

As early pioneers in the impact investing space, IMPACT has built a 25-year track record of providing investors with competitive, risk-adjusted returns and producing measurable impact for local communities. In total, the firm’s investments have financed more than 50,000 units of affordable housing and generated more than $200 million in rent savings for residents.

Now, as the affordability crisis worsens, impacting many communities, the firm’s work in affordable housing is more urgent than ever. With housing insecurity disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable Americans, IMPACT believes safe, affordable housing is a fundamental building block toward a more equitable, more inclusive future.

“Our firm is incredibly proud of the record we have achieved over the last quarter-century. We have invested capital to drive meaningful, community-level change, while delivering the institutional scale and financial returns sought by our investors,” said Jeff Brenner, IMPACT’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “IMPACT is committed to making solid investments that seek to build equitable and inclusive communities, recognizing that access to affordable housing is critical to providing a stable foundation for people of all backgrounds.”

Leading U.S. insurance companies founded IMPACT in March 1998 with the belief that private capital was needed to address great challenges, like poverty, homelessness, and inequality, and that institutional investors could play a role. Through continuous innovation in the 25 years since then, the firm’s affordable housing strategies have demonstrated that they can perform across multiple market cycles.

In recognition of the anniversary, the firm is highlighting its 25 most significant “Moments of IMPACT” through a year-long series on the firm’s website and social media. Each of the 25 moments showcase a major IMPACT milestone that has been pivotal in growing the firm and deepening its impact. Follow the “Moments of IMPACT” series on LinkedIn, Twitter, and at


Founded in 1998 by leading insurance companies to generate institutional-quality, purpose-driven investments, IMPACT Community Capital is a leading investment manager in impact investing. One of the first managers to use mortgage-backed securitization to deliver capital in scale for affordable housing, the firm has now originated $2 billion investments to provide affordable housing, healthcare, childcare and economic opportunities. IMPACT delivers institutional investment solutions that unlock value for investors while advancing opportunity in underinvested communities through impact driven investments. For more information visit or contact Director, Investor Relations and Capital Markets, Melissa Radic.

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