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We are proud to publish our 2021 Impact Report: Building Opportunity. The report details our investment thesis, impact measurement methodology that supports key UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how our investments build opportunity for tenants and investors.

At IMPACT, we focus on good investments with the opportunity to produce transformational change in underinvested communities,” says Jeff Brenner, President and CEO. “The unprecedented adversities facing our communities, particularly over the past few years, underscore the importance of harnessing institutional capital to make real change and build opportunities for those in need.”

Key sections are highlighted below. Download the full report here.

  • Scalable Strategy: $1.2 billion of affordable housing loans originated since 2003
  • Tangible Positive Outcomes: Significant rent savings for families in need
  • More Than Shelter: Description of services provided that can lead to housing and economic stability
  • Case Study: See impact in action through one featured property that provides meaningful rent savings and services to tenants
  • Telling Their Stories: Tenant testimonials that showcase change at the individual level

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2021 Impact Report Overview:

Watch CEO Jeff Brenner discuss our 2021 Impact Report and how our investments build opportunities:

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