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IMPACT Community Capital has released a special 25th Anniversary edition of its annual impact report, entitled “25 Years of IMPACT.” In the report, IMPACT highlights the firm’s history over the last quarter century and its future vision for investing in communities of opportunity. The report also details the firm’s record-breaking accomplishments in 2022.

Since IMPACT was founded in 1998, it has financed 661 properties across 42 states to generate more than 53,000 units of affordable housing. The vast majority of those units are restricted to renters making less than 60% of their area’s median income, offering affordable housing options to lower-income renters in a time when affordability is hard to come by.

The 2023 Impact Report also reveals IMPACT’s record-setting accomplishments last year. In 2022, the firm invested its largest-ever dollar amount in American communities – more than doubling its previous record, set just the year before. Other major impact from last year includes:

  • IMPACT’s 2022 investments totaled more than $152M and financed 3,447 new units of affordable housing in 17 states.
  • Those new units created homes for 8,852 individuals – more than double the firm’s 2021 total of 3,863 individuals.
  • IMPACT’s work generated more than $6.7M in rent savings for residents of the properties it financed during 2022 alone.
  • 93% of new units financed by IMPACT in 2022 were reserved for renters making 60% or less than their area’s median income.
  • Even with IMPACT's 25-year track record of investment largely focused on affordable housing, the United States still faces an affordable housing crisis: Not a single state has an adequate supply of affordable rental housing for its lowest-income renters. So, the report also outlines IMPACT’s forward-looking focus on using its institutional-scale platform in new ways.

“We were investing for impact long before anyone called it ‘impact investing,’” said Jeff Brenner, President and CEO of IMPACT. “Over these 25 years, our impact mission has not wavered, even as we have innovated and evolved. We have demonstrated that institutional capital can play an important role in driving real-world impact.”

Read the 2023 Impact Report to learn about the firm’s 25-year history, its vision for the future of impact investing, and stats on IMPACT’s record-breaking year in 2022. Download the report here.

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2023 Impact Report

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