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We are proud to publish IMPACT Community Capital's 2022 Impact Report: “Beyond Housing: Building Equity, Inclusivity and Thriving Communities.”

The report details the firm’s impact beyond providing access to safe and affordable shelter, highlighting the ways housing is a building block necessary for greater equity and inclusion in communities around the country.

Since 1998, IMPACT Community Capital has originated and sourced purpose-driven investments for institutional investors. We seek the best opportunities for our investors to achieve their investment objectives and make an enduring, positive impact on the challenges faced by America’s communities and families.


In investments originated to transform America’s communities.


New affordable residences created for low-income families and individuals.


Individuals served by IMPACT-funded healthcare and childcare projects.

A young, black family, basked in the late afternoon light, blows bubbles in the grassy field of a bucolic community park.
Our Impact

How “Community” Happens

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An aerial photo for an urban multi-family development, surrounding a circular park.

Institutional Strategies

IMPACT Community Capital is a Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

Operating Principles for Impact Management

Principles for Responsible Investing