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Investing In Scale To Transform America’s Communities

Before the term "impact investing" was on the radar of most investors, IMPACT Community Capital was bringing about social change through investments in affordable housing, childcare, and healthcare.

We are continuously innovating as we seek to generate institutional quality, purpose-driven investments without sacrificing financial performance.

Our investments in underinvested communities provide affordable housing, healthcare, childcare and economic opportunities while also enabling investors to unleash the power of capital to transform communities in scale.

Ours is not just an untested thesis with the promise of potential, but a proven platform for investors seeking quality investments with a manager that has a demonstrated track record in purposeful investing.


Advancing opportunity in underinvested communities through purpose driven investments.


Delivering institutional investment solutions that unlock value for investors and that build the necessary infrastructure for underinvested communities.


We celebrate DiversityOur collaborative and inclusive culture and our diverse workforce are vital to our success
We are FiduciariesServing our clients first
We model IntegrityDemanding the highest standards for ethics and work quality in all that we do
We are Solutions-OrientedMeeting the evolving needs of our investors and communities through adaptability and innovation
We are CommittedTo advancing social and economic opportunities and to a rewarding and respectful work environment

Founded by Institutional Investors

IMPACT was founded by prominent insurance companies and is guided by their high standards for financial performance and corporate stewardship. You are investing alongside companies who take the time to carefully balance reward and risk, and who recognize the value of purpose-driven investments.

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