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Building Equity, Inclusivity and Thriving Communities

IMPACT Community Capital has released its second annual impact report, “Beyond Housing: Building Equity, Inclusivity and Thriving Communities.” The report details the firm’s impact beyond providing access to safe and affordable shelter, highlighting the ways housing is a building block necessary for greater equity and inclusion in communities around the country.

During this nationwide crisis in housing affordability, the aggregate savings in 2021 for residents in IMPACT-financed affordable housing increased to $32.6 million – a total that reflects average monthly savings of $823 for a resident earning 30% of their area’s median income. The report highlights IMPACT’s investment footprint in communities with higher proportions of minority and “socially vulnerable” populations, where affordable housing offers tangible cost savings. These savings enable individuals and families to spend more of their monthly income on other essential areas, like healthcare, education, and childcare.

“At IMPACT, we are convinced that investing in affordable housing is about much more than providing shelter,” said Jeff Brenner, President and CEO of IMPACT. “If the housing is well-planned, it provides access to transportation, jobs and needed services. If it is affordable, residents aren’t left to choose between healthcare, childcare and groceries. At its core, access to affordable housing can support family stability and more resilient communities.”

Watch our highlight video and read our 2022 Impact Report to learn more about how IMPACT continues to build opportunities through providing stable housing. Download the full report here.

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2022 Impact Report

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