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Housing’s Integral Role in Promoting Equity & Inclusion

At IMPACT Community Capital, we invest with the intent of driving transformational change in underinvested communities, and we believe stable, affordable housing is essential to creating sustainable, diverse communities. Unfortunately, the rapid escalation in rental prices recently has been increasing pressure on individuals and families throughout the country, and it has been disproportionately impacting people of color.

“There is no silver bullet for solving the systemic issues that are often at the root of the inequalities behind the wealth gap and housing insecurity confronting people of color,” states Melissa Radic, Managing Director of Investor Relations and Capital Markets at IMPACT. “Affordable housing, however, can be a gateway to equity and inclusion. IMPACT’s mission is to deliver capital in scale to communities where it can have the greatest impact.”

Read Melissa Radic’s article to learn more about the inequalities arising from housing insecurity, and how our work at IMPACT assists in bridging the wealth gap by providing increased access to affordable housing for communities in need.