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IMPACT is proud to present our four-part firm overview series that spans our quarter-century of investing. From the questions that sparked IMPACT’s creation, to our local perspective on the social impact case for affordable housing investments, we are excited to showcase how far IMPACT has come and what the future holds as we look forward to our next 25 years of investing for impact.

In 1998, the concept of intentionally investing for positive social outcomes and competitive financial returns was still novel. Our founders — a group of leading U.S. insurance companies — mobilized with the belief that institutional investments could help address major challenges like poverty, homelessness, and inequality. Together, they recognized the power of unleashing capital at scale to advance opportunity in underinvested communities.

Learn more as you watch part one of our video series, “Can we make this work?

IMPACT’s mission is to provide value to our investors, while creating and preserving affordable housing options for residents in communities that need it most. As you watch part two of our video series, we highlight how seeing our impact in our home base of San Francisco reaffirms the importance of our work across the nation.

Over our 25 years of investing, we have expanded IMPACT’s footprint to include investments in 42 states, positively impacting the lives of an estimated 400,000+ renters. Through our work, IMPACT is filling a crucial gap in today’s need for affordable housing options. Learn more about the unwavering value of investing in affordable housing in part three of our firm overview series.

As we look to the future, IMPACT Community Capital is excited about developing a broad set of innovative strategies that not only creates a positive impact for local communities, but also brings more institutional investors into the fold. IMPACT has its sights set on reaching a wider range of investors to support our mission of creating scalable investments to help underserved communities across the country.

Watch part four of our firm overview series below to learn more about what lies ahead for IMPACT.