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Truth In Labeling: Impact in Your Investment Portfolio

The interest in socially responsible investing — also referred to as ESG or impact investing — has grown dramatically. This rapid growth of ESG strategies has led to confusion among investors and intensified the need to standardize the definition, measurement and reporting of ESG and impact results. The growth has been so strong as to garner the attention of the SEC, which released an April 2021 Risk Alert focusing on the importance of accurate disclosures to clearly articulate, measure and report on ESG objectives.

Because every one of IMPACT’s investments is intended to address a critical social need, we recognize the importance of a clear impact thesis, measurable impact data and reporting that substantiates the impact we set out to make. As part of our work to channel institutional capital at scale into under-invested communities, we’ve continually evolved the ways we define, measure and report our impact.

Read IMPACT General Counsel Liz Kang’s article to learn more about the evolution of our impact definitions and tracking in the affordable housing space.