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Looking Past the Headlines

At a time of economic uncertainty coupled with rising building, financing, and operational costs, IMPACT Community Capital recognizes the need to be as creative as possible to continue our important mission of transforming communities and lives with affordable housing as the foundation. We also appreciate that demand for affordable housing is only going to grow, not just because of the economic slowdown ahead but also owing to demographic trends.

This raises the stakes on the need to create and preserve affordable housing in this country. But this sense of urgency is also the reason why we’re so optimistic that private investors will be able to make a difference in expanding the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable housing that serves as a foundation for transforming communities and lives.

Despite the host of uncertainties in the last year — including rising inflation and decelerating growth — 2022 was a record year for IMPACT in both commitment volume and deal activity. We are committed to continuing to drive impact for our residents and communities by providing safe and affordable housing.

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