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How Community Happens Through Impact Investing

Nearly 20 years ago, IMPACT got its start financing affordable housing. But we knew that increasing the supply of quality, deeply affordable housing was not enough. We began thinking about how we might leverage our experience and investor base to create the other building blocks of communities.


CIO Michael Lohmeier Discusses Affordable Housing Debt

Featured in Multi-Housing News, IMPACT CIO Michael Lohmeier outlines the criteria for making affordable housing debt an investable asset class for institutional investors.

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Moving Capital from Wall Street to Main Street

In our previous entries, IMPACT CEO Jeff Brenner and I highlighted the vast need for affordable housing across the United States and offered examples of new affordable housing developments IMPACT has financed to help alleviate the shortage. These examples illustrate the role we play in bridging the gap between Wall Street and Main Street.


Financing for Affordable Housing Developments Catering to Seniors and Veterans

Two new developments financed by IMPACT serve vulnerable populations who richly deserve a helping hand.


IMPACT's Role in Affordable Housing

In the recent article by ImpactAlpha, investor demand means opportunities for IMPACT Community Capital and other impact fund managers to attract capital to build or preserve sorely needed units.

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Addressing Affordable Housing Needs in Every Community

A couple of weeks back, IMPACT CEO Jeff Brenner shared his point-of-view on the crisis of a lack of affordable housing facing America’s communities. Today, I would like to share my perspective by highlighting two new developments, financed by IMPACT, that are good examples of our efforts to alleviate the shortage of affordable homes—a challenge impacting communities of every size across the nation.

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How Communities Happen: Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

I am fortunate to come to San Francisco to work every day. From the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the amazing food and the technological innovation, this city is a wonderful mash-up of diverse experiences. But, I am struck by the stark contrast of opportunity with the homelessness that I encounter as I move throughout the city during the day.